Cannabis Sugar Wax Concentrates in Denver, CO

In addition to regular marijuana wax, we also carry cannabis sugar wax, which is becoming more popular in the Denver area. Marijuana sugar wax is less sticky as well as is thicker than regular marijuana wax, and a lot of people prefer it for its rich, complex flavor profile. We have been making various types of wax concentrates in Denver for years, refining our techniques to continue providing our clients with quality sugar wax. We have worked with industry leaders in cannabis sugar wax production, and our team would be more than happy to help you decide which strain of sugar wax is right for your Denver dispensary.



Providing Marijuana Sugar Wax to Denver

For over five years, Newt Brothers has been a go-to extraction company for sugar wax concentrates in Denver. Our sugar wax concentrates are meticulously crafted to have high potency without sacrificing their robust terpene profiles. We have honed our cannabis sugar wax creation technique over our years of operation, working alongside industry experts to ensure that we always adhere to concentrate production best practices. Our team would be more than happy to help you decide which strain of marijuana sugar wax is right for your Denver area dispensary. Contact us today for more information about the sugar wax concentrates we make available to the Denver area.

Reliable Sugar Wax Advice in Denver

BHO Sugar wax production is a volatile process, and as such it needs to be handled carefully. Denver’s Newt Brothers has been creating and handling cannabis sugar wax for years, so rather than create it yourself, forgo the trouble by allowing us to supply your dispensary with marijuana sugar wax. We also would be more than happy to explain all of our sugar wax concentrate options to you and help you decide which strain is best for your customers. It’s crucial that you understand the properties of the sugar wax your business carries, so contact Newt Brothers in Denver, we’d be happy to answer any of your questions regarding our cannabis sugar wax.

Denver’s Number One Source for Marijuana Sugar Wax

The sugar wax concentrate experts at Denver’s Newt Brothers have trained with industry leaders for over five years. Making sugar wax is an involved, complicated process that is best left to the Denver professionals, and that’s where we come in. Our Denver team has perfected our cannabis sugar wax technique to create a rich, flavorful profile that is incredibly potent. Contact us today to learn more about the sugar wax concentrates we make available to dispensaries throughout the Denver area.

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