Golden Newt Caviar by Newt Brothers Artisanal in Denver, CO

Our Golden Newt Caviar is one of the finest cannabis products available in the Denver area. We reserve only the finest flower for our Golden Newt Caviar, then we infuse it with our top extracts using a proprietary method that ensures a consistent covering of the flower. Once it is infused with the extracts, we then dust this flower with dry sifted trichrome heads. This product is intended for the cannabis fanatics who seek only the absolute finest quality products on the Denver market. If you consider yourself a dispensary that caters to Denver’s cannabis connoisseurs but haven’t stocked your shelves with our Golden Newt Caviar yet, contact us today. Our team would be more than happy to equip your business with our finest caviar.

Fine Cannabis Caviar in Denver

When you think of fine cannabis products, caviar probably comes to mind, if your clientele truly seeks the finer things in the realm of cannabis, procure Golden Newt Caviar produced by Newt Brothers in Denver. We reserve only the finest flowers for our Golden Newt Caviar, ensuring that the quality of our product is unquestionable. Then we take our finest extracts and impart them into the flower, adding more flavor and a stronger aroma. Cannabis connoisseurs throughout Denver are singing the praises of our Golden Newt Caviar, so see what all the rage is about by calling Newt Brothers in Denver today.

Denver’s Golden Newt Caviar Creators

The team at Newt Brothers in Denver has been one of the leading sources of fine cannabis caviar in the Denver area since our opening more than five years ago. We have honed and refined our techniques over those five years to create some of the finest caviar in the Denver market and beyond. Our Golden Newt Caviar is the result of those five years of work, and it has earned a reputation as one of the highest quality cannabis caviars available in the Denver area. Get in touch with our team in Denver today to learn more about our Golden Newt Caviar or any of our other fine cannabis products.

One of Denver’s Leading Caviar Makers

The making of cannabis caviar is a complicated process, but it’s one that we at Newt Brothers in Denver have perfected. Our team has tinkered with our process over the course of five years to create the best cannabis caviar possible, and that has resulted in our Golden Newt Caviar. Don’t hesitate to contact us to learn more about our Golden Newt Caviar or to purchase this product to adorn the shelves of your dispensary.

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