About Us

Newt Brothers Artisanal began as the vision of two brothers and their mother in 2012 after we spent 6 years in the Colorado cannabis industry. We thought “We can do it better”… for the plants, for the environment, for our employees and for our customers; that was our dream then, and it is our reality now.

Our story really begins long ago. In 1971, Margo (Momma Newt) moved to Colorado from Iowa to attend Colorado University, she fell in love with this beautiful state and the wonderful people here. She met her husband, Tim, and a few years later they were overjoyed to have two sons. Jamie and Patrick were born and raised in Colorado where they enjoyed playing hockey, snowboarding, as well as chasing newts (Tiger Salamanders) in the Colorado summer. Tim began referring to the boys as the “newt brothers” and the name stuck around longer than the newts did. When the family began turning their vision in to a reality and putting in the hard work to form the company and brand, the obvious question arose – what to name it? They discussed this idea over a campfire one evening, trying to come up with the perfect name, and then BOOM the idea came to them – Newt Brothers Artisanal was born.

Our team is comprised of hard-working and fun individuals who work together to produce connoisseur-quality cannabis products. We value our people and we are proud of what we accomplish together. We have a friendly team and a positive work environment.

Newt Brothers Artisanal products