Our Process

Newt Brothers has developed a line of handcrafted chocolates, concentrates and caviar for the cannabis connoisseur. We start by growing only hand-picked strains of the highest-grade cannabis in our state-of-the-art facility. Once ready for harvest, our flower is dried and cured to perfection with our patented drying hooks. After the drying and curing are complete, the flower is released to our hand trimmers so as not to lose any of the product’s integrity, which you might experience with machine trimming. When the trimmers have worked their magic, the product is moved to our ultramodern extraction lab where our extraction specialists begin their artistry to make our amazing concentrates.

Whether the concentrate is going on the shelf or into one of our delicious edibles, it is mandatory to meet only the highest cannabis standards. Look, feel, touch and taste must be perfect for it to leave our facility. Our products have been developed specifically with our medical clients in mind, so they can get the medicinal benefits they require paired with consistent, great tasting products they deserve!

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