Cured Cannabis Concentrates
in Colorado

What is a CURED concentrate?

If you are curious what makes a cannabis concentrate CURED or LIVE, we have the answers you have been looking for:

Cured Concentrates are created using dry “cured” marijuana (as opposed to the wet “fresh-frozen” marijuana that is used to make our Live Concentrates)

Our Extraction Artists use cured marijuana, a BHO extraction machine and their mad skills to artfully craft 
cured concentrates such as SHATTER, WAX, and SUGAR WAX that have textures, consistencies, and potencies that can only be achieved with this method of extraction.

If it doesn't SHATTER it doesn't matter...

Newt Brothers Artisanal has been producing the most consistent shatter in Colorado since 2016.

We have spent years fine-tuning our process and we are proud of the snappy shatters we create.

Our Extraction Artists take great care to maintain the consistency of our shatter with a low agitation process and then are careful to dial in the perfect oven temperature and optimal vacuum pressure. These factors, along with meticulous selection of starting material, ensures that Newt Brothers Artisanal creates a true Shatter. 

Newt Brothers Artisanal’s Shatter has high THC potency, the perfect “snap” consistency, shelf stability, and delivers an excellent overall effect, all while being the most affordable cannabis concentrate that we offer – this makes our shatter a favorite among our customers.

Not all WAX is created equal...

Newt Brothers Artisanal’s marijuana wax concentrates are a favorite among our customers due to the combination of high THC potencysoft texture, beautiful colors, and great flavor.

However, not all wax available on the market is created equal.
Other cannabis wax concentrates on the market can become dry and crumbly which results in a less pleasing handling experience as well as a harsher smoke.
We at Newt Brothers Artisanal have spent many years as cannabis consumers ourselves and we are obsessed with creating the best cannabis products for our customers. Our Extraction Artists are experts when it comes to producing incredibly soft, beautiful, and flavorful marijuana wax concentrates. 

Newt Brothers Artisanal’s Wax is pleasing to dab and delivers an excellent overall effect, all while being one of the most affordable cannabis concentrates that we offer.

SUGAR WAX how you get so fly...

Newt Brothers Artisanal has been innovating and creating marijuana products in Colorado since 2014.
We love trying new things in the lab and our customers are loving this new creation. Newt Brothers Artisanal’s Sugar Wax blurs the line between Live Concentrates and Cured Concentrates. Our Extraction Artists have perfected our methodology using precise temperature variances and pressure to create an outstanding cannabis concentrate. 

Extracting art through science is what we are all about.

Newt Brothers Sugar Wax has beautiful terpenes and chunky THCA crystals which resembles a Live Resin and results in a potent and flavorful dab with an excellent overall effect. Unlike the more expensive Live Concentrates, our cured Sugar Wax offers an affordable solution for customers seeking a terpene & crystal dab experience.

What makes Newt Brothers' cured concentrates so awesome?

  • Our team is pretty awesome, and we have spent years fine-tuning our extraction processes because we are obsessed with bringing our customers the best cannabis concentrates possible. 
  • Newt Brothers Artisanal’s product line of cured concentrates are known for having the best consistency and shelf stability, the best taste profile and overall effect. 
  • We are dedicated to using top-quality marijuana to create our awesome line of cured concentrates.
  • Newt Brothers Artisanal’s proprietary AXOLOTL process is an all-natural filtration process that helps to bring out the best of the cured concentrates – it results in a high THC potency, a refined terpene profile, a smooth smoke, and it always ensures a beautiful appearance. 
  • Plus, the cured concentrate line is the most affordable which means you can get a great price per gram.

Newt Brothers Artisanal
Cured Cannabis Concentrates