Our Team

FAMILY Owned & Operated since 2014

“We can do it better”… for the plants, for the environment, for our employees and for our customers...

That was our dream then, and it is our reality now

The road to transforming this vision into a reality was a grind to say the least. Searching for the perfect warehouse location, designing and building-out the cultivation and manufacturing facility, talking to lawyers and accountants, developing the brand and a direction. It took several years of hard work to make our vision a reality. In 2016 we finally were able to focus on what we do best: creating connoisseur-quality cannabis products for the Colorado community. We have worked meticulously ever since to stay true to our vision of doing better for the plants, environment, employees, and our customers.

Newt Brothers Artisanal’s team is passionate about cannabis. We are obsessed with ensuring that our customers get the very best connoisseur-quality cannabis products. Our amazing team works tirelessly to cultivate and craft our beautiful products, and it shows. We value our people and we are proud of what we accomplish together. Our products are award-winning, lab-tested, highly-effective, beautiful and flavorful. We can’t stop/won’t stop bringing our customers the very best cannabis products available on the market.

Newt Brothers Artisanal is majority-owned by WOMEN

Jamie Stephenson

Chief Executive Officer

Jamie brings years of management and entrepreneurial experience from both small and mid-level corporations as well as starting and running his own businesses. He excels in team building. Jamie spent over two years in the classroom and participating in personal training with designers and engineers to learn state-of-the-art building and operational techniques for indoor commercial grow operations. This knowledge, combined with his experience in team management and marketing, has been vital in the creation and development of the Newt Brothers Artisanal brand for the last seven years. Jamie has his bachelor’s degree in Speech Communication from Colorado State University.

Patrick Stephenson

Chief Operating Officer & Chief Cultivator

Our COO and Lead Cultivator, Patrick has been a medical cannabis patient since 2010 and clearly understands that connoisseur-quality cannabis is only achieved with elite genetics and a highly controlled growing environment. Patrick has been researching cannabis for over twenty years and has operated multiple grows in Colorado since 2010. He was a leading consultant for Quantum 9 consulting for two years alongside Ed Rosenthal. His extensive experience cultivating cannabis, industry knowledge, and continued education on the most advanced technological developments and practices make Patrick a valuable asset to the Newt Brothers team. His breeding projects have produced some of the most unique and potent strains available in Colorado.

Margo Stephenson

Chief Financial Officer

Margo has been working in the world of finance for over 25 years. Margo studied at the University of Colorado in Boulder. She has worked in accounting and finance and has knowledge of business structures from startups to large corporations. In addition to her significant business background, she brings insight and experience from the cannabis industry. She has cultivated cannabis for over five years for both dispensaries and caregivers. Her passion for quality cannabis keeps the entire team wanting to work hard to create the best products available.

Trustworthy Marijuana Consultants in Denver Colorado

The cannabis consultants at Newt Brothers Artisanal have been providing consulting services to companies throughout the nation for over five years. We’re confident that whatever your cannabis business needs may be, we can accommodate them and accomplish them with you. 

Contact us today to find out more about how our consultants can help your cannabis business grow.