Jamie brings years of management and entrepreneurial experience from both small and mid-level corporations as well as starting and running his own businesses. He excels in team-building. His marketing expertise has helped thousands of companies with their sales and marketing efforts, and that direction has produced over $100 million in revenue since 2000. Jamie spent over two years in the classroom and participating in personal training with designers and engineers to learn state-of-the-art building and operational techniques for indoor commercial grow operations. This knowledge, combined with his experience in team management and marketing, is vital in the creation and development of the Newt Brothers Artisanal brand. Jamie has his bachelor’s degree in Speech Communication from Colorado State University.


We have seen the healing power of cannabis from good friends to far-stretching acquaintances, but we have also seen it up close in our own family. On the night of May 14th, 2015 Patrick had a massive stroke overnight and couldn’t communicate when he woke up. When he finally got to the hospital 6 hours later, they began running every test imaginable, they found 3 blood clots in his brain.

Our award-winning Chief Cultivator, Patrick has been a medical cannabis patient since 2010 and clearly understands that connoisseur-quality cannabis is only achieved with elite genetics and a highly controlled growing environment. Patrick has been researching cannabis for over fifteen years and operated multiple grows in Colorado for the last six years. He was a leading consultant for a major cannabis consulting firm for two years alongside Ed Rosenthal. His extensive experience cultivating cannabis, industry knowledge, and continued education on the most advanced technological developments and practices make Patrick a valuable asset. His knowledge and expertise are essential in producing the highest quality cannabis available. Patrick has his bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts from Old Lyme Academy.


Margo has been working in the world of finance for over 25 years. She has worked in accounting and finance and has knowledge of business structures from startups to large corporations. In addition to her significant business background, she brings insight and experience from the cannabis industry. She has cultivated cannabis for over five years for both dispensaries and caregivers. Margo studied at the University of Colorado in Boulder.

Trustworthy Marijuana Consultants in Denver

The cannabis consultants at Newt Brothers have been providing consulting services to companies throughout the Denver area for over five years. In addition to our top-notch consulting, we are a high-quality edible company and concentrate company. We’re confident that whatever your needs may be, we can accommodate them. We have worked with industry leaders for over five years to gain the knowledge necessary to bring a more sophisticated cannabis experience to the Denver marketplace. Contact us today to find out more about our products or the marijuana consulting and extraction services that we extend to Denver and beyond.

A Denver based, all-encompassing cannabis company offering cannabis extraction, edible production, extraction & consulting services for the marijuana industry.


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