Newt Brothers Artisanal's Cannabis STRAINS

The Newt Brothers are passionate about quality and obsessed with hunting for rare and exotic cannabis strains. This diligent search has resulted in one of the most unique strain libraries in the country. It is the Newt Brothers goal to cultivate not just the newest trendiest strains on the market but also old school strains, landrace strains, and our own original genetics that are carefully bred right inside the Newt Brothers facility. Check out our strain library and get to know these beautiful plants.

Newt Brothers Artisanal has hand selected one of the most unique strain libraries in the Country. With over forty strains in rotation, whether it is one of our in-house strains or one our choice cultivars, it will always be connoisseur quality. When it comes to strain selection, we are always on the search for exotic and unique terpene profiles, heavy flavor, in addition to potency and effect. 

In-House Original Genetics

Choice Cultivars