Live Cartridges

Convenience for the Connoisseur

Our Live Concentrate cartridges are a combination of our connoisseur quality concentrates with the ease and convenience of a discreet vape pen. Newt Brothers Live Resin Cartridges are filled with small batch, 100% Single-Source Live Resin produced from our Amazing fresh frozen flower. We only use our in-house, high potency, full spectrum cannabis oil which is extracted using our meticulously cultivated plants from our clean room, high efficiency garden. We never use any fillers like Propylene Glycol, distillate, or flavorings. We take our time with this process to ensure we maintain a beautiful color and a full terpene flavor. Whether you are at home after a long day, or out on the town with your friends, these Live Concentrate cartridges will always deliver a full flavored, high potency experience that you are searching for.