Cannabis Edible Production Company in Denver, CO

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Newt Brothers is one of the leading edible manufacturing companies in the Denver area. We are an edible manufacturer that creates many different types of marijuana edibles and are recognized throughout Denver as one of Colorado’s most trusted cannabis edible production companies. Our cannabis-infused edibles are handcrafted at our facility using only the finest ingredients. The edibles we create include chocolate peppermint squares, chocolate cinnamon squares, salted caramel crunch squares, peanut butter squares, chocolate crème brulee squares, and caramel corn squares. We are one of Denver’s most trusted names in marijuana edible production and our marijuana-infused edibles are sold throughout the Denver area.

Edible Company in Denver

Newt Brothers has been a cannabis edible production company in the Denver area for over five years. Our cannabis-infused edible recipes have been refined over five years and further perfected with help from leaders in the marijuana industry. Our marijuana edible production facilities are among the best in the Denver area, allowing us to create some of the most scrumptious edibles available. We are recognized as a reliable, consistent edible manufacturer and as a result, our cannabis edibles are sold throughout Denver. Contact us today to learn more about our marijuana edibles or our marijuana edible production facility.

Cannabis Edible Production in Denver

Newt Brothers has been an edible company in Denver for over five years. In that time, we have become a reliable edible manufacturer, supplying different types of edibles to dispensaries in the Denver area and beyond. Our marijuana edible production process was devised with input from industry leaders and our technique have been refined through five years of practice. Our wide variety of marijuana edibles ensures that each of your customers will find one that they will enjoy. Learn more about our cannabis edible production or our selection of cannabis edibles by getting in touch with us today.

A Wide Variety of Marijuana Edibles in Denver

We have been an edible manufacturer in the Denver area for more than five years, perfecting our edible making to become one of Denver’s go-to edible companies. Regardless of what flavors your customers are seeking, there is an edible from Newt Brothers’ cannabis edible production team that they will enjoy. Our edible flavors include chocolate, caramel, peanut butter, peppermint, and cinnamon. We are an edible company in the Denver area that handcrafts our edibles to create the best-tasting edibles possible. Don’t hesitate to contact our marijuana edible production team today if your dispensary is interested in carrying our high-quality edibles.