Live Cannabis Crystals with Terpene Sauce in Denver, CO

Purified CBD crystals and THC crystals are incredibly popular in the Denver area cannabis market, and Newt Brothers is able to provide your dispensary with this in-demand product. CBD crystals are isolated and purified extractions of a cannabis compound, typically containing 98 to 99 percent isolated CBD. We infuse our THC crystals with terpene sauces to add robust flavors and aromas. Our team has been making live marijuana concentrates in the Denver area for over five years, and we learned all of our techniques from leaders and experts in the Denver marijuana industry, which has helped us create concentrates that taste great and possess outstanding potency. Contact our team in Denver today to learn more about our crystals with terpene sauce.

Crystals with Terpene Sauce in Denver

Crystals are an incredibly potent concentrate, as the CBD is isolated at 98 to 99 percent. They can be used to make edibles or vaporized through dabbing or by using a vape pen. The THC crystals produced by Denver’s Newt Brothers have terpene sauce added, giving them more flavor as well as a floral, sweet aroma. Our recipe for crystals with terpene sauce has been improved over and over during the course of our years in the Denver cannabis industry, resulting in a powerful product with sweet flavors. Get in touch with our team in Denver today to learn more about our THC crystals with terpene sauce, to find out where you can purchase it or to procure this product for your dispensary.

Denver’s Source for CBD Crystals

CBD crystals have never been more popular in the Denver area, and it’s easy to see why. Our CBD and THC crystals are an incredibly potent product that we handmake in Denver and when combined with the flavors and aroma of terpene sauce, tastes and smells great while delivering a powerful non-psychoactive effect that is felt throughout the body. CBD crystals and THC crystals contain numerous health benefits, including pain relief, anxiety relief, and cancer cell growth inhibition. Given their great taste and plethora of beneficial applications, our purified CBD crystals are everything you could ever want out of a non-psychoactive marijuana product. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with our Denver office if you’re interested in learning more about our crystals with terpene sauce.

A Provider of CBD Crystals in Denver

Denver’s Newt Brothers has been a leading source of THC crystals and CBD crystals, among other concentrates, for years. Our team has been continuously improving on our process as well as recipes during that time, and the results of our efforts are great tasting CBD crystals and THC crystals that deliver plentiful medical benefits and THC based concentrates with incredible potency. Get in touch with our team in Denver today to learn where to purchase our crystals with terpene sauce, how to purchase our crystals for your dispensary, or to get more information.